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Exceptional Leaders Display a Sense of Humor

You all know that none of us are getting out of this alive; so why take things so seriously? Many great leaders have had a terrific sense of humor in good times and bad. These include Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.   Not taking yourself or external events so seriously,… Read More »

Behaviors for Success

Busy professionals with a strong desire to achieve sometimes fall into slumps which can destroy creative drive. Do your best to avoid these slumps by accepting that you cannot do everything. Delegate responsibilities to others qualified to perform the task. They should share your goals for success. Be a lifetime learner. Don’t assume you’ve learned all you… Read More »

Assessments in the Workplace

Giving potential employees a behavioral profile, sometimes called a personality assessment, is an important part of the hiring process. One thing hiring managers fail to realize, is that the assessment is not the only piece of criteria you should consider. This is to aid you in the hiring process. However, if it is not administered… Read More »

Are Teams Really Effective?

One of the most common examples of team effectiveness can be seen on a cool day in the fall.  As you look up into the sky, you can see a flock of geese embarking on their southern sojourn.  The “V” formation that they fly in as a group actually benefits each individual bird.  As each… Read More »

Have Critical Information Before You Hire

Replacing employees or hiring for new positions can be a difficult task. Having the right people in your business make the difference between your company being successful and falling behind. When it is time to hire for a position within your company, you can feel confident in whom you choose to interview with these few… Read More »

Tips For Giving Good Feedback

Quite possibly one of the most difficult tasks that you can have as a leader is to give those under your authority feedback on their job performance. There is always the fear that what you have to say will be taken in a negative way by your employees and cause tension or resentment. Regardless of… Read More »

Shaping Organizational Culture

There are many challenges that face executives and the leaders of a business. Guiding and directing the way employees handle the business, transactions, relations with one another, and overall functions of the company are key parts of being in leadership. Establishing a well-defined organizational culture is vital to being successful in business development.   What… Read More »

Motivate Your Team Through Goal Setting!

Since human resource is an essential element to your organization’s success, start setting goals for your employees for greater motivation and productivity.   Employee goal setting will allow you to be strategic in your means of operating programs or initiatives with the goal of directly contributing to the long-range objectives of your organization. The first… Read More »

The Risks of Job Hopping for Sales Professionals

How Many Jobs Is Too Many?  People under the age of 30 change jobs, on average, every year and a half. Workers over 30 change jobs, on average, every three years. In the current economic climate where pensions are obsolete and downsizing can strike at any moment, it’s no surprise that workers switch jobs every… Read More »

Things You Should Never Do When Leaving a Job

Even when you’ve mentally prepared yourself to leave a job, it can be difficult to make the change. Whether you’re sad to go, or you’re counting down the hours until you can rid yourself of your employer for good, there are several things you should avoid doing at all costs. One: Don’t Say What’s On… Read More »