I was fortunate to meet Marty through a mutual acquaintance. Marty worked with me to find a position that was right for me in my career and financial earning goals. He listened to my requests with great respect and was very honest and direct. He gave me insight regarding the position and the companies I was looking at that prepared me when meeting with the hiring manager.

I have worked with a few recruiters throughout my employment life. Some are better than others. But Marty is one of the best and if I were to look for a new opportunity I would, without question, seek him out to assist in my career search goals.

Todd Laff, Central Region Channel & Direct Sales Manager at HP

I can’t say enough about Cindy and how incredible she was to work with. Cindy is the recruiter who helped me land my current position and she was a pro! She was very familiar with the company, the role, and all of the details needed to keep me informed and always up to date with the process. I would recommend Cindy to anyone currently looking for employment and assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed! My hope is that I will not be looking again, but if I am, she will be one of the first people that I trust to call.

Laura Evins, Software Sales Professional

I’ve worked with many executive recruiters and consider Cindy Fletcher to be one of the best in industry. She excels at bringing together talent and opportunity in a way that serves the highest and best interests of both. Her professionalism, preparation, communication style and follow-through are commendable.

Wendy Heaton, Sr. Director OEM and Channel Sales

Working with Cindy has truly been both a very professional and great personal experience. She was able to guide me through the hiring process with high integrity and excellent value. I trust Cindy and know she has my best interests in mind. I would definitely recommend her for your future needs.

Kelli Gilmour, West Area Channel Manager at Information Builders

Cindy is very professional and an excellent recruiter, she listens to the needs of both the employer and employee and does an amazing job of creating a solution that works for everyone. I was very impressed working with Cindy and would recommend her to colleagues, in fact I already referred someone to her. For a role in the technology/software world, I would encourage anyone to engage Cindy.

Aleesa Daley, Driven Software Sales Executive

Marty hits home runs each time you engage him for the various reasons I’ve indicated, but most notably because he’s always prepared, well-read on the relevant topic and has set expectations all around.

I’ve never met an executive recruiter who has such a laser focus on the task at hand and keeps everyone moving toward that goal.

Unlike a few other opportunities, I was never unaware of precisely where we were in the process, what the next step would be and what was expected from me. He takes the most frustrating part of being recruited out of the equation: the unknown.

With Marty, there is never, ever, an unknown.

Steven Turner, Enterprise Accounts, Americas at Mindjet

With Marty’s help, I was able to land a fantastic opportunity and I can, without any reservations, highly recommend him for anybody looking to improve their career. He takes the time to understand your strengths and goals and will make sure you’ll shine when it’s show time. He is not only a great recruiter but also a fantastic coach. He was communicative and responsive every step of the way and was committed to making sure I was up to date on how things were progressing and who and what was coming next. His effort and support were invaluable and I can’t thank him enough.

If I ever need to look for another opportunity, I’ll call him first.

Lindsey Milberg, Area Sales Director at DataSift

Marty is one of the best and most knowledgeable recruiters I’ve ever worked with. He is very upfront and honest and it was very refreshing to get frank answers from him as opposed to having most recruiters just tell you what they think you want to hear. Marty didn’t place me directly at my current position, but stated that he knows a lot of people who know a lot of people and that I may get a call out of the blue from one of his colleagues. True to his word, I got a call a couple of weeks later from one of Marty’s colleagues, who then got me into my current company very quickly. I would recommend Marty to anyone looking for a new opportunity!

Yen Nguyen, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive at AgilOne

Marty represented me as my recruiter for a new sales role with HP this year (2013), and I found him to be one of the best people in his profession that I have dealt with in years. Marty has in-depth knowledge of his clients and the individuals who are conducting the interviews. He makes sure you are prepared prior to the interviews, and he also offers good insight on one’s progress throughout the interview cycle. I would not hesitate to work with Marty again, or to recommend him to both hiring managers and active job seekers.

Peter Nash, Global Account Manager at Hewlett-Packard

Having worked with MANY staffing organizations in the past, I can say, unequivocally, Marty is the best. His research, preparedness, professionalism, and follow through is second to none. When I am ready for my next endeavor, my first contact is always to Marty.

Kevin Dunn, Channel Sales Director at Datameer