Strategic Search Solutions’ clients and candidates enjoy working with us.


Cindy is one of the most thorough professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is results driven, fights hard for her candidates and works with the highest integrity. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a new job or want to find the best candidates out there. She has become my go-to person when it comes to my personal job search needs as well as when I need to find the best employees for my organization.

John Tzioufas, Vice President at HP

Cindy is without a doubt the most professional and thorough executive recruiter I have had the pleasure to work with. For both my personal job search needs and when I need to find the best employees for my organization, she always comes through. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future.

John Spears, Western Regional Sales Director at AppFirst

I had the privilege to work with Cindy to help me identify “A” sales candidates for an urgent sales position I needed to fill. She provided very good, experienced people that helped me fill the vacancy very quickly. She and her team were very responsive and once she knew the kind of person I wanted to hire, she presented great candidates. I definitely recommend her company for this most important assistance.

Mike Travis, Sales Director at TIBCO Software, Inc.

Cindy works to understand the hiring managers personal profile along with the requirements of the open position. The approach is unique in our industry today. The result is you end up with a stronger team. I highly recommend Cindy.

Jim Leffel, Sales Director US Financial Services/Insurance at HP

I have known Cindy since 2004 when I first contacted her for my own personal career needs. As a hiring manager, I have worked closely with Cindy and Strategic Search Solutions on numerous occasions to identify, qualify and present me with market leading sales and sales engineering candidates that not only have a distinguished track record of success but also would fit well within the environment where we work. She applies a highly professional and persistent approach to finding the right people for the circumstance. She is personable and truly cares about my success. As my advocate, she will only recommend those persons who she believes can make me successful and steers me away from risks. I trust her immensely and value her professionalism and friendship. She is THE person I recommend to any of my contacts that are seeking the best.

Guy Schneider, VP Sales / Sales Director / Regional Director

Cindy is one of the best recruiters / placement professionals I have ever worked with. Her follow-up, attention to detail and overall knowledge of the market is exceptional.

Amy Sears, Regional Sales Manager at AppDynamics

Marty was a pleasure to work with as I went through the process of researching new companies to consider for my career. He was always available, very diligent on answers, and provided candid feedback.

Jim Barton, Major Account Executive at Akamai

I highly recommend Cindy Fletcher. I’ve used her for each of my searches and have been impressed with her ability to place me with the perfect company matching my background and experience with the right opportunity. The coaching and insight she provides about the client during the process is indispensable. I will not hesitate to use her again!

John Novak, Area Sales Director at DataSift

Let’s face it, no one likes the stressful situation of having to look for work, but with Cindy, it wasn’t stressful at all! Not only does she have a vast knowledge of how to connect with people, but she is also an amazing teacher and coach, and you can’t put a price on those qualities. Cindy was very personable and really took the time to learn what type of role I was interested and where she felt I would succeed. Her insight and energy were refreshing and there is no doubt that she played a big part in helping me find the right opportunity! I sure hope that I won’t need her services again, but if I do, I know I won’t lose sleep over finding work with Cindy in my corner!

Scott Lorenson, Manager, Sales Development at FirstRain

Marty helped place me in one of the best job opportunities of my career and I recommend him very highly. He connected me with the right people within the hiring company, shared personal knowledge of the folks I’d deal with during the hiring process, kept me abreast of the process and what to expect at each step, and he offered industry best practices advice to help me through the difficult areas. He is in the top few percentage of recruiters I have worked with due to his expertise, professionalism, and desire to help his clients succeed.

David Sticha, Senior Sales Consultant at Oracle