Resolutions You Can Accomplish By The End Of The Year!

While it may be the last month of the year, there is still time to knock out a few more resolutions before it is over. Looking back over the year, you may be wondering what you’ve been doing. Take some time to celebrate your accomplishments and set some new goals that will help improve your performance in all areas of life; personally and professionally.


Do the following before the end of the year:


Refocus your morning habits – Instead of struggling through the morning before you head to work, regroup and try to set up some good, solid morning habits. Consider pulling back the curtains and letting the sun shine in your windows. Set your coffee the night before and take some time to sit and enjoy it as you read for a few minutes. Make your bed when you get up because it will make your room look tidier.

Brainstorm ways to help you feel more ready and begin to form some new morning habits.


Get some extra sleep – Try to get to bed earlier or set your alarm later. Often, it becomes easy to do one more thing around the house or to check email one more time to get ready for the next day. Try skipping this and get some extra sleep instead.


Take time to read daily – We live in a world where you can watch TV or videos on any mobile device at any time.┬áRather than focusing on so much screen time, consider reading about 30 minutes per day. Find something encouraging to read which will nurture your mind.


Get out of your rut – You still have time to do something new this year. Try to get out of your rut and embrace something that you haven’t done before. This is a great way to enjoy life and make it feel less mundane.


Consider what you’re thankful for – Work and life can be busy. It is easy to get overwhelmed, so take time out to write down what you are thankful for. Seeing it on paper will enhance your attitude and allow you to feel more positive and grateful, which will help you at work too.


Network with someone each week – Rather than getting stagnant, be sure to network with someone each week. We learn so much from others and they can be an encouragement too. Be sure to take time out each week to build relationships by connecting with others.


There is still time to set some new resolutions/goals that will rejuvenate you for the remaining part of the year. Get started today because time is ticking and the New Year will be here before you know it.


What will you accomplish by the end of the year?


Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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