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Layoffs Stay High

Openings are down. Job mobility is down. About the only thing stubbornly remaining up is layoff announcements. Relief is not in sight. After tailing off a bit in December, job cuts picked up again in January – totaling more than 17,000. February also brought more than 13,000 layoffs, with both large-cap tech companies and startups… Read More »

Tech Sales Market – Better, but Not Good Enough

Predictions: The tech sales market is going to be better than in 2023, but not good enough. Budgets will slowly open up for spending on tech, but old sales strategies aren’t going to work in 2024. Expect a surge in demand for tech that’s not just good to have, but a must-have. And what about Layoffs,… Read More »

How to Do More with Less of a Sales Team

Sales teams are increasingly expected to do more with less time and resources. There are multiple reasons for this. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly put a strain on things, but most sales reps will tell you that they’re also being overwhelmed by the preponderance of tools now available, smaller teams due to high “per-rep” costs to… Read More »

Job Market Perspective – September 2023

PLENTY OF FISH From a buyer/hiring manager point of view, we saw the pool of available candidates reach its peak in the early summer as the approximately nine month period of layoffs slowed to a trickle. Although we’ve been through this cycle in the market during years past, and many would agree we were overdue… Read More »

Why Everybody’s Hiring but Nobody’s Getting Hired

    The Disconnect  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are 8.4 million potential workers who are unemployed, but it also says there are a record 10.9 million jobs open.  The rate at which unemployed people are getting jobs is lower than it was pre-pandemic, and it’s taking longer to hire people.  Meanwhile, job… Read More »

Layoff Looming? What HR Won’t Tell You

Everyone in the room during a layoff knows your rights better than you do. If you don’t know how layoffs work and what protections exist, you’re going to leave money – or worse, your rights – on the table…

How to Stay Top of Mind Without Being Annoying

Many of us are having a lot of good conversations with clients right now because they have more time to talk but decisions are getting push out indefinitely. The questions is how can we stay top of mind with a client after the good qualification call without being annoying… John Barrows

Why Enterprise Software Will Be Forever Changed

“Around the world, we see that customers who are farthest along in their digital transformation are better equipped to manage this crisis. Companies lagging behind are realizing that they now have a burning platform. Accelerating digital transformation has become a business imperative.” Forbes