Are Your Competitors Stealing Top Talent?

Hiring managers, especially those who work in the enterprise software sector, understand how difficult it can be to attract and hire talented salespeople. Even though the U.S. unemployment rate is still hovering around six percent, many companies struggle to locate the right people at the right time.

Some software companies snatch up sales talent by offering high salaries and amazing benefits. Not all organizations are in a position to offer massive benefits packages, however. If you’re looking for creative ways to win the recruiting wars, here are some tips to help you beat out the competition.

Be Proactive

The hiring process should not begin when a new position is created or an employee gives notice. Companies that recruit well recruit constantly. They cultivate a strong network of interested potential hires though personal and online networking. Passive recruiting, wherein you open the lines of communication with potentially interested candidates, allows your company to vet them over a period of weeks or even months. Just as your sales team creates a pipeline of prospects to keep new business coming in, so should your hiring team.

Sell Your Company Culture

You don’t just want to sell your open positions or your company, you have to sell your culture, as well. It’s important to identify candidates who not only have the skills and qualifications to do the job, but who will also be a good fit with your team and your company values. If you run a laid-back startup, you’ll need to attract and identify individuals who will thrive in a relaxed environment. Conversely, if you work for a rigid corporation, you’ll need to locate candidates who value structure and hierarchy.

Adopt Corporate Social Responsibility

Job seekers are looking for more than just a paycheck. Employees – especially millennials – are looking for organizations that give back to their communities. This does not have to mean donating money. Instead, it could mean giving time off to volunteer, creating group volunteer activities, or getting involved in the “greening” of your local community. The smallest efforts to make an impact can go a long way with employees who want to work for a company that gives back.

Work With a Recruiting Partner

A great way to attract top sales talent is to partner with an experienced recruiting firm that focuses on your niche. At Strategic Search Solutions, we work exclusively in the enterprise software space. We understand trends in the job market and we have cultivated a strong network of sales talent that is ready to help move your business forward. We work closely with each and every client to learn as much as we can about their business so that we can make the best recommendations for both immediate and long-term hiring and retention strategies. If your organization is ready to start winning the recruiting wars, contact Strategic Search Solutions today.

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