The Need to know ‘WHY’

Helping people understand their purpose


Many things lead to the success of a business. Productive management and employees are certainly one of the top reasons a company is able to meet their goals. With motivated team members, customer service soars, office morale is higher, retention is greater, and the company is able to grow. The true challenge is figuring out how to motivate your team to accomplish their tasks. While most of your staff likely understands what their job entails, they probably have no idea why they have been assigned these tasks. If you are looking to keep those that work for you productive, you must answer the biggest question, “Why?”


The Need to Know Why – If you have ever spent any time with children, they want to know why they have to do everything you ask them to do. The need to know why carries into adulthood as well. One of the biggest differences is that many adults will not ask the why question, but instead draw their own conclusions. When an individual understands the purpose behind seemingly mundane tasks, it will help them stay motivated.


Creatively Share the Vision of the Company – As a leader it is your job to make certain that the employees of the company understand the vision of the business. People are more likely to stay committed to a purpose rather than a company. Having the mission or vision statement written out in an employee handbook is not enough. Before you can market yourself to potential clients, you must reach those that work for you. Campaigns need to start in the office.


Resolve the Why Question – To begin with, you must understand the why question for yourself. Before the business came into existence, it started with an idea in someone’s mind. There were many months of conversation, dreaming, excitement, anticipation, and brainstorming about the business concept. In those moments the why behind the tasks and services was defined. Once you understand the why, you can share it with your team.


Developing a Teaching Mindset – We talked about how children so readily ask the why question; as adults we excitedly walk them through the thought processes to put their curious minds at rest. With your team, you can develop this same teaching mindset. Do not naturally assume that everyone working for the company knows the answers to the why. Break down the reasons behind task lists, even if they seem simplistic. Walk your employees through the thought processes so that they catch the vision for themselves.


Being a leader is so much more than telling everyone what to do. Instead, it is working hard to instill a deep rooted passion for the job in the minds of those that work with you.


When everyone knows the WHY, it will help them understand their purpose.



Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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