Using Social Media to Increase Your Business

Whether you are a social media person or not, it is important that you understand this beast for the sake of your business. Many people have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts. If you do not have a presence on these outlets, then you are missing out on great opportunities.


What You Post is Important

A lot of business owners create social media accounts, but do not have a single idea of what to post. What you put on your status updates, pin, or tweet is very important. The quality of your posts will make the difference between engagement and silence.


Engagement on your accounts is very important to the success of your social media campaign. Take Facebook for example, the more comments and likes you receive, the more likely Facebook will show your posts to followers.


Knowing What to Post

When thinking about your updates, you need to put yourself in the place of potential customers. What information do they need to know about your niche’? Also, what types of services do you provide that your potential customer needs to know about?


Think about your industry on a whole. For example, if you are in real estate, then posting how to set up a house for showings would be of great value.


Another example: if you are in the medical field, any information on health is valuable. This would include recipes and exercise programs.


It is important to note that pictures and videos are shared most often. You will have better chances getting engagement by using images or vids to get your message across.


Adding in the Right Keywords and Hashtags

Keyword usage and hashtags (#) are the number one way people can find your posts. It is important that all of your updates, tweets, and pins have valuable keywords or hashtags in the body of the content.


Don’t think in the technical terms of your business. Think of how a customer would describe the service. For example, someone who has a hole in their wall, might not search for a drywall contractor. They might use search terms such as “How to repair a hole” or “Who can fix a hole in the wall?”


Most social media posts can come up on a search results page. It is important to always post relevant information on your outlets.


Utilize relevant search terms and hashtags to increase your chances of being found.



Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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