The Importance of Company Reputation

Many business leaders think if they just post a job opening for their company, talented candidates will start beating down their door. Yes, a good number of people will apply for the positions, but are these individuals’ top performers?


Did you know that your company’s reputation has a lot to do with the type of candidates you attract? Good employees want to find good jobs, not just any job. If a person knows they have a lot to offer a company, they are not going to just go to work anywhere.


Why it is Important to Invest in Your Current Employees     

There are many ways that you can work to build a good reputation for your company. It starts with how you treat your current employees.


If the employees that work for you feel that they are well taken care of, it will work toward your benefit. People that work for you, will talk about you. If you are a good place to work, they will share that with those around them. If you have a strained environment and make it hard for your employees, they will share that also.


Being sure that you have invested in the people that work for you is step one in building a good reputation.


What Your Customer Service Says To Potential Candidates

Not only are potential customers looking at customer feedback from other patrons, but so are potential candidates. In today’s culture, customers have the opportunity to share with the world their experiences with your business.


When you take care of your customers and provide the service they need, you are building a good reputation for your business. Word gets around, both good and bad. Unfortunately, the bad can be heard much louder than the good.


Is a Good Reputation Really Important to Potential Candidates?

Absolutely! People that are top performers want to work at companies that are top performing businesses. They do not want to go to work somewhere that will drag them down and keep them from reaching their career goals.


No one wants to be associated with a business that has a bad reputation for the way they treat their employees or customers.


In order to attract people that are talented and qualified, you must be a business that has a good reputation in your area.




Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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