Customized Hiring Simulations: 4 Benefits You Need To Know

During the holiday months, many businesses are hiring for seasonal help. This is the time when you will bring in those that will get you through the season and possibly stay on in a long term role.

Even if you know exactly what you are looking for in a candidate, how do you know that they will perform well with your current staff? This is one of the biggest worries of hiring managers. Picking the person that you think is perfect, only to find out they do not fit well with the existing team.


Simulation Tests Are On The Rise

Many companies are choosing to give their potential candidates a simulation test that is customized to their specific jobs within the company. These tests are not the same as figuring out a person’s skillset as much as they will determine how the individual will respond in real situations.

Why should your company consider using these types of tests? Here are the top 4 benefits to customized simulation tests.


Prove to Be Accurate

These tests have been proven to be more accurate at determining if a candidate is right for your company then just going through the interview process.Many people have the ability to ace an interview because of their interpersonal skills. However, that does not show you how they think or process problems.


Greatly Reduces Bias

One of the biggest problems that hiring managers deal with is not hiring based off of bias towards a candidate. These tests help to eliminate a lot of that, because you won’t base the decision off of past experiences, or other reasons. Instead, you can use the test results to help determine if they will work well in your business.


Helps the Candidate Understand the Business

Not only are you interviewing a potential candidate, but they are also interviewing your business. For them to take these job specific tests, they will get a feel of whether or not your company is right for them. It is ok to admit that a job isn’t the right place for you to be.


Give You a Chance to See Their Skills In Action

As an employer, you will see their skills in action before you hire them on. It is a great way to know how they will handle the situations that arise in the day-to-day operations of the job. This is one of the most effective ways to test a candidate out without bringing them on for a working interview.


Giving this test is highly beneficial to all those involved.

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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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