Make The Sale

When dealing with clients, you should remember that many factors figure into their decision to use your company’s products or services.  So why not show them that you offer the best solutions to their problems, challenges, or needs?

Keep these tips in mind when you deal with new or potential clients and your sales will increase:

  • Be knowledgeable.  Become an expert in your business. Know your company’s products and services and the history of their development. Your knowledge of your company will show your clients that you pay attention, do your homework, and that you really care about what you are doing, selling, or representing.
  • Don’t limit your area of expertise to your company alone.  Get to know your clients’ businesses as well so that you can understand what customers want and need.
  • Keep your relationships fresh.  Many clients say the reason why strayed away from long-term suppliers is because the relationship faded. Make suggestions about all aspects of a client’s business and they will remember you when it comes time to make the next order.
  • Be honest.  When it comes to problem solving, honesty is essential. Never lie to a client and don’t ever exaggerate your claims. Doing so will surely get you into trouble once your client finds out the truth.
  • Treat clients with courtesy.  Have good table manners, sportsmanship, and grooming. Remember that your client’s time is valuable, so always show up on time and come prepared. Also observe good telephone etiquette-never keep a client on hold and return all calls promptly.

When it comes time to show your appreciation to a client with a gift, make sure that it is appropriate and modest. Don’t make your client feel uncomfortable by overspending, but you do want to show them that their business is important to you. A good price range for a gift is between $10 and $


Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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