The Top 10 Characteristics of Problem Solvers

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be natural born problem solvers? Look closer, and you’ll discover that problem solving is more a skill than a gift. Effective problem solvers share ten common characteristics.   1. They have an “attitude”! Simply expressed, effective problem solvers invariably see problems as opportunities, a chance to… Read More »

Learning to deal with difficult people

THE BOTTOM LINE: Difficult people can make your work day less enjoyable. With the right strategies, you can learn to deal with them effectively.   If you have to work with difficult people every day, you probably dread going to work each morning. What’s more, you might get so stressed that you can’t concentrate on… Read More »

Sales Tip of the Week

Why Sales Managers and Business Owners find it so difficult to ‚ÄúTeach an Old Dog New Tricks” Many business owners and sales managers we speak to seem to have a common problem or theme that comes across when we first meet with them: Their frustration with having to go over the same sales issues and… Read More »

Reasons To Hire An Employee With Grit

High turnover is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. Companies world-wide seek to avoid this issue because it hurts employee morale, job performance, and employee engagement. Most managers notice a decrease in staff productivity which negatively impacts business. Since we know that turnover is detrimental to our business, hiring managers should make thoughtful decisions about recruitment.… Read More »

The Top 10 Business Commandments From Sam Walton

This might be the world’s shortest top ten, but sometimes simple is better. When I saw these keywords taken from Sam Walton, I felt like sharing them with everyone as they will make a difference if you follow them – he did! Commit to your business Share your profits Motivate your partners Communicate all that… Read More »

Corporate Learning Will Be Transformed And Will Take On More Importance

It’s time we take a look at the changing world around us. Corporations are coming face-to-face with the need of running their businesses differently. If you do not make the transformations needed, you will face difficult financial times. It is best for you to understand that technology and the internet has opened doors for people… Read More »

How Managers Should Engage New Hires

The first 90 days for employees are crucial to their future success within the company. While they are nervous and a little green, management needs to swoop in to ensure their first impression is a positive one. Managers should attempt to alleviate fears and make the new employee feel comfortable in their new position. If… Read More »

A Sports Model For Teamwork

If you are a manager, consider the following: Old-line hierarchical companies follow a football model of organization. Everyone lines up in a specific place under the direction of the quarterback. The quarterback is the only person responsible for seeing the whole field and determining strategy. Action stops in between plays, so the company has time… Read More »

Having Fun At Work Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Having fun at work boosts morale, productivity and creativity, while reducing burnout and turnover. But it doesn’t happen by accident.   Here’s how three companies promote fun at work:   Lands’ End recruits about 2,600 employees a year for its catalog business in Dodgeville, Wis. – a small town in a state with low unemployment.… Read More »