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Branding Yourself Mid-Career

If you’ve been selling at the same company for a long period of time, you may be longing to make a change. However, making a big shift in the middle of your career can be a challenge. You have to fight against fresh, young talent who may command lower compensation; or you may have to… Read More »

What an Interviewer Wants to Hear in Your Elevator Pitch

Successful salespeople know the importance of brevity. They understand that in the field they have a very short period of time to make a lasting impression on their prospects. However, those same salespeople often fumble in job interviews when they must give an overview of themselves to the hiring manager. Interviewers want to see strong… Read More »

The Impact a New Employee Has on Sales Culture

The personality of each employee on a sales team and how they work together can have a significant impact on the company culture. Adding a new salesperson to the mix can change the dynamics of the group, affecting interactions, performance, and even the results of the sales team. How can you ensure that a new… Read More »