Simply put…Cindy is a consummate professional in high-level recruiting. She will work tirelessly to match the right candidates to the roles you are trying to fill in your organization. The value she provides, whether you are a company looking to hire or an individual looking for a new opportunity is tremendous. I highly recommend Cindy.

Michael Moore, Sales Management Professional

Cindy is the consummate professional who truly listened to me and what I was looking for around my job search. She was an incredible help to me throughout the process and ultimately found the perfect corporate match for my career.

Lastly, I can’t say enough about Cindy’s attention to detail, follow-up, and how much she was a pleasure to work with overall. Having said all of that, I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone seeking a high-integrity recruiter who will have your best interests at heart.

Melanie Wise, Account Executive at The SAVO Group

Marty placed me at my current position with UMT360. Marty’s attention to detail and preparation were crucial in assisting me through the interview process. His understanding of the job requirements and how my background applied to them made this a perfect fit. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Marty in the future.

Rob Evans, Director of Midwest Sales at UMT360

Cindy is an incredible recruiter in the software industry. She not only is an expert in aligning the correct position to the correct individual, but she has thorough knowledge of the software industry and how to communicate the essential facts to all parties involved. Her approach is precise and professional. Cindy’s staff is also warm and helpful. Every detail was followed through on and timing was on point. I am extremely happy with the service and results I received from Cindy.

Tylore Christensen, Enterprise Software Account Manager at HP

Marty and Strategic Search are top notch. I have placed numerous senior-level sales resources with their help over the years and they have never failed me. Thanks Marty!

Greg Randall, Senior Vice President, Sales and Services, UMT360

I would recommend working with Strategic Search to any hiring manager in the software selling space. The candidates were qualified and understood the opportunity. Bottom line is that I got great candidates, personal attention and timely responses to any issues or questions I had. I plan on using Strategic Search again when I have a sales opening.

Tim Miller, Vice President of North American Sales at Datameer

Cindy did a great job on our recent search for an Enterprise Software Sales Rep. Her professionalism and attention to detail made all the difference. I would recommend Cindy again and look forward to working with her in the future.

Rick Cramer, SVP, Global Operations at Signiant, Inc.

Marty contacted me about a client of his who was searching for an Account Executive with deep analytics knowledge.

Throughout the process, Marty communicated well with me and between his client and I. He did a great job carrying my message. The results were successful. I joined my new company within 45 days.

Robert Provencio, Account Executive at Alteryx, Inc.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Cindy for over ten years. She is, simply put, the best recruiter that I’ve ever had the opportunity to interact with. Her knowledge of the industry, the players, and her uncompromisable integrity make her stand out amongst her peers.

One of her outstanding traits is her attention to detail and her copious notes acquired over the years. This aids Cindy in her knowledge of trends, history, and contacts which makes her priceless when “connecting the dots” as it pertains to acquiring talent.

If you are a candidate or a hiring manager, you are absolutely doing the right thing in partnering with Cindy.

Mike Yarnall, Account Executive at xMatters, Inc.

I have worked with Cindy several times during my sales career as a hiring executive and sales person/executive when making a change to a new company. In addition, Cindy’s council and advice has proven invaluable during my career changes and the process of evaluating employment opportunities in various industries.

Dennis Worsley, Experienced Enterprise Sales and Sales Management Executive