How To Attract Top Talent

As an employer, finding the best employees to compliment your business can be a difficult task. It is hard to know a person’s character or performance abilities based off a resume and a few interviews. In order to find people that will round out your team and are full of the talent you need to run a successful business, keep these ideas in mind.

The Right Employee for You:

Before taking out employment listings and beginning the hiring process, you need to clearly define what you are looking for in an employee. This is not as cut and dry as task oriented lists that you need an individual to fulfill. Personality plays a key role in this decision as well. Consider your own personality and those of other people on staff. Aim to hire an individual that will bring the diversity and balance to the team that is necessary for success. Do their behaviors & motivators match the needed behaviors & motivators of the job?

Take a Look at the Future:

Employees that are highly motivated and interested in building a career will be unsatisfied in a job that lacks challenges. Understand the needs of your company at the present time along with laying out the needs you expect to have in the coming year or two.

Knowing what you will have to offer an employee in the time to come will help you know what type of person will fit into your team the best. If you foresee the position to be unchanging or offer little challenges, then finding an individual suited to that job is in order. If the position is going to require flexibility and motivation, a different personality type should be pursued.

Know What Kind of Employer You Are:

Defining what kind of employer you are can be a difficult part of attracting top talent to your team. It requires self-examination and honest evaluation of yourself and the company you run. Employees leave companies on account of poor management every day. Make sure you are the kind of employer that has the ability to have good employee relations to give clear-cut expectations, and are quick to resolve problems within the job. Building a good working relationship with people who are highly qualified is key in the success of a business.

Employees that are incredibly talented will have competitive offers from other businesses. Attracting good employees is a slow process and can’t be rushed. It will take time to find a suitable person for the position you are hiring for. Making a hire that is premature is not doing your company any favors, even if the person seems to be highly qualified for the position. It is best to make sure that the personality along with skill set and attitude will fit well in your business environment.


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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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