Exceptional Leaders Cultivate Potential Leaders

A number of men and women in middle management are increasingly reluctant to take the next step up in their careers because the corporate ladder is not as appealing as it used to be, and the sacrifices to climb it are too high. Instead, they are redefining how they can keep contributing to their organizations, but on their own terms. Rather than subscribe to the onward and upward motto, they are more interested in staying with what they are doing than following an upward path that someone else has set.


With the cost of turnover (upward of 300% of annual salary) and the requirement for succession planning, Exceptional Leaders know that they need to develop strategies to identify and nurture willing high potentials. They also need to create environments where leadership roles are attractive.


Thought Provoker

  • Can your employees maintain work life balance, such as flexible work schedules, at home workdays, and educational sabbaticals?
  • Do you recognize the importance of families in employees lives and makes accommodations in the nature of work such as role, pace, location and schedule?
  • Do you have a selection strategy to identify those who have the ambition to move up in the organization into leadership roles?
  • In what way does your organization need to shift the way it leads in order to adapt to new realities?


In today’s world, the tables are turned and it is the employees who can call the shots based on their own needs, rather than sacrificing their needs for the corporation. Exceptional leaders need to recognize this and make adjustments so that there is a win-win outcome for all.



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