Things You Should Never Do When Leaving a Job

Even when you’ve mentally prepared yourself to leave a job, it can be difficult to make the change. Whether you’re sad to go, or you’re counting down the hours until you can rid yourself of your employer for good, there are several things you should avoid doing at all costs.

One: Don’t Say What’s On Your Mind

Who among us hasn’t imagined telling off our boss and quitting with a flourish? While it may be tempting to go down in a blaze of glory, leaving on bad terms is never advisable. You never know who you will run into later on in your career.

Two:  Don’t Take Anything With You

It may be tempting to leave with a box of printer paper or to take confidential files along, but stealing is not only morally wrong, it’s also illegal. If you got caught swiping office supplies or company secrets, you could find yourself in seriously hot water.

Three: Don’t Badmouth Your Employer

No matter how much you may dislike your current employer, never badmouth your company or your boss to an interviewer or to your replacement. The only person who looks bad in this scenario is you, and the things you say could eventually make it back to company leaders.

Four: Don’t Spill Your Guts in Your Exit Interview

Before your last day on the job, you will likely be approached by an HR rep for an exit interview. While such interviews are presented as confidential and are framed as a way to gather constructive feedback, they should not be treated as a therapy session in which you vent your frustrations. The best advice for behavior during an exit interview is always to focus on the positive.

Five:  Don’t Leave Unfinished Projects

It may be tempting to coast through your last few weeks of work, but it is unfair to stick your colleagues with extra work. If you leave your projects unfinished, it will also leave a bad taste in your boss’s mouth. Work with your team to finish up what you can, and work with your boss to transition projects that will not be completed before your last day.

Even though you are moving on to greener pastures, you want to leave your job on the best terms possible. Always take the high road, no matter how disgruntled you may feel. Doing so will only benefit you in the future, as your reputation will remain intact.

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