Exceptional Leaders Express Appreciation

Research has consistently shown that employees choose lack of appreciation from organizational leadership as one of the key dis-satisfiers at work. This also consistently shows up when leaders use multi-rater feedback instruments to measure others’ perceptions of their leadership capabilities.


Exceptional Leaders take the time to express and show appreciation a lot. They do this with groups and one-on-one.


The adage that says “You can get more bees with honey than with vinegar” still holds true in the business world.


Thought Provoker

 When did you last get a sincere expression of appreciation from your boss? If you remember, how did it feel and to what degree did it motivate you?

– Identify three key people in your work life, perhaps peers or subordinates. Think about their gifts. What strengths do they bring to the job?

– In what ways could you express appreciation for who they are and the work that they do?


Decide to show appreciation. Think about the words you will use. Even write them down. Decide whether to communicate in writing or orally.


Make the time to do it!


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Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.

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