Effective E-Mail Message Tips

Effective e-mail messages begin at the top. Save time and set a good example for your staff by keeping these tips in mind as you type:


  • Use short, specific, and concise subject linesto help others identify your e-mail message’s purpose and importance. They also motivate recipients to read and reply.


  • Announce routine items without a lot of fluff. Example:Staff meeting on Wednesday, from 8am to 9am.


  • Send Thank You’s in person.The phrase “Thanks for all your help” screams “mass mailing” and makes your message seem completely impersonal. Make it a point to deliver thanks in person. Your staff will appreciate you taking the time and this will go a long way the next time you ask for help.


  • Use Confidential in the subject line.Protect privacy by including the word Confidential in the subject line. Otherwise, after multiple replies, the confidentiality may be lost or forgotten.




Source: Sorrell Associates, LLC

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