Exceptional Leaders Display a Sense of Humor

You all know that none of us are getting out of this alive; so why take things so seriously? Many great leaders have had a terrific sense of humor in good times and bad. These include Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.


Not taking yourself or external events so seriously, even in dire situations, releases stress. Others around you are more at ease. Scientific studies have shown that moods are contagious and can be motivational. Seeing the humor in situations creates positive feelings. Positive moods generate positive action. Negative moods generate negative action or inaction.


Exceptional Leaders know that others take their cue from them and act accordingly. They can be funny on occasion.


Thought Provoker

  • Are you able to inject humor into tense situations?
  • Can you be self-deprecating; seeing the humor in your own actions when needed?
  • Can you see how having humor in what appears to be important or ominous situations can actually improve others’ abilities to address difficulties?
  • As a leader, are you continually aware of your mood?
  • Can you see how your mood impacts others?


 For Exceptional Leaders, when things get tough, the tough lighten up and then get going.



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