Open Communications Start With Understanding Behaviors

Communication is a difficult task in any situation, but especially in the workplace. We work to strike this balance of not becoming too personal with employees that might lead to favoritism or you being taken advantage of, but getting to know them well enough to work with them. To know how to best communicate with someone, you need to understand their behavioral style. It takes time to understand a person to tailor your communication style to them. With a DISC profile assessment, that time can be dramatically shortened. These assessments are beneficial for you as a manager to take so that you understand your own behavioral style. Then giving this same assessment to your employees will help you understand their style and know how to best communicate with them.


Why are DISC Assessments Important? DISC assessments reveal an individual’s natural and adapted behavioral styles and how these traits play into decision making, work abilities, communication, and overall relationship building in the workplace. The main goal of DISC is to allow people to take a look at themselves more in-depth to better understand their style and how they relate to others. When you become more self-aware, you are able to see how your actions affect those around you.


How Does Communication Increase With Understanding Behaviors? We all have a different style of learning and communicating with those around us. No two people will handle situations exactly the same. Understanding how you or others respond the way you do in different environments and scenarios, will help you to tailor your communication styles to be most beneficial. More often than not, misunderstandings take place because the two people who are communicating do not fully understand what the other is saying. Knowing someone’s style, personality, background, and relating skills all play into seeing an increase in communication. Even if you are unaware of this fact, you inevitably relate differently to everyone in your area of influence. The way you relate has to do with the level of understanding you have of the other individual.


It is important to increase communication in the workplace to avoid conflict and boost productivity. When information has not been clearly stated or understood by your employees, there is a greater chance of failure. When expectations go unmet, it leads to other problems in the dynamics of your business. With DISC, you will learn that each individual has their own style of communication, and how to align your communication style for increase understanding.


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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell,

Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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