Good Service vs Great Service

What is the difference between a company that provides good service and one that provides great service? If you had to narrow it down to one characteristic, it would be communication.

Companies that provide great service clearly communicate what a customer or potential customer should expect when they do business with that company. They leave no doubt in the customer’s mind.


Their customers are in the loop all the way. They know if an item is in stock, if it is not in stock, and when it is expected in. They also know when their order will be shipped, and how.


If there is a problem they are informed. The company takes a proactive role in communicating with the customer. They don’t wait for the customer to call them asking where their order is.


Two companies that provide great service are and (formally known as When you go to their web sites, they tell you if they have an item in stock. Or how long it will take to get it. Then when you place your order, you receive an email confirmation of your order. Then you get another email when your order goes out the door. Including the tracking method and tracking number. They leave no doubt in your mind as to when you will receive your order.


They tell you what to expect and they follow through on that promise. The companies that provide good service do all the same thing that the company that provides great service does; they just don’t communicate this to the customer. This is the difference between a company that provide good service and one that provides great service.


Reprint permission by Dee Brian

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