Exceptional Leaders See People As People

This might sound strange, but sometimes we don’t see people as people. The most personal and ever-present example is when we are stressed in traffic. Do you, like most of us, objectify other drivers, not really seeing them as people, as human beings like you, who are just trying to get through this world as best they can?

Anytime we find ourselves being critical or judgmental, we can shift into this “thing” mindset and lose touch with ours and others’ humanity. When we do this, only negative and unintended outcomes can arise.

In the course of leading, particularly when we are under stress, we can see others just as instruments to get things done, rather than what they really are – people.

You can be a strong and effective leader, including being critical and demanding, when you have a compassionate mindset. So it is not our behavior so much that makes the difference in this case, but our state of mind.

When we come from a compassionate way of being, we can create the culture we want and accomplish great things. We must be continually self-aware of our mindset to ensure that we don’t slip into this objectifying, and very ineffective, state of being.

Thought Provoker

  • Do you find that others communicate with you in ways that diminish your humanity? How do you feel at those times? How connected are you to them?
  • Do you sometimes see others as objects?
  • Can you separate the person from the action?
  • Do you see everyone as human, or only those who you love?

The Exceptional Leader is continually in touch with his or her own and others’ humanity. We are all doing the best we can.

Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson.

Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.

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