Exceptional Leaders Play ‘Aim’ Game, Not ‘Blame’ Game

Fault finding is easy. All of us can have negative assessments of what should or should not have been done. Looking at the past and blaming others, however, is not as productive as looking at the future. No one can change the past.

Exceptional Leaders use a “lessons learned” approach and play the “aim game” rather than the “blame game.” They focus on the future and look at desired future conditions and actions rather than just focusing on negative events in the past. This can create clarity and motivate employees toward future performance rather than blaming them, which can cause discouragement.


Thought Provoker

Blame Questions

  • What is the problem and why do you have it?
  • What is limiting or preventing you from getting what you want?
  • Whose fault is it?

Aim Questions

  • What is your desired outcome?
  • How will you know when you get there (evidence)?
  • What actions can you take to get what you want?
  • What have you learned about yourself from the situation?
Exceptional Leaders focus on the future that they have control over rather than the past that they don’t.

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