Five Ways To Keep Your Interview Bias-Free

Interviewing takes a lot of time and effort. One thing that may be helpful in keeping interviews bias-free is using this 5 step process.


List of questions

Create a list of questions that you ask each interviewee. Why? You’ll be able to compare your candidates “apples to apples” if you ask the same questions. Remember, the goal is have bias-free interviews and this will ensure that happens.


Note taking

Be sure you have their resume handy and feel free to scribble down info that stands out to you as your interviewee speaks. You’ll not remember as much as you think. Plus, if you conduct numerous interviews of the same questions, they will begin to run together.


Comparison chart

Don’t skip this step! Make a chart of the key characteristics you want in a new employee. Then place your top candidates into the chart based on whether they qualify for each area.

A comparison chart is one way to take a quick glance and see who would be the best fit for your company.


Explain your decision

After you have interviewed, taken notes and used a comparison chart you need to make a decision. Which candidate is right for the role? You’ll need to be able to explain your decision and even justify it to others in the company.

Be prepared to explain your decision and then go to the last step.


Second interview

Once you are able to explain your decision, ask someone else in the company to do a second interview of your top candidates. You want to make an unbiased interview decision, so involving someone else is a good way to ensure that.

Two heads are better than one and you can discuss the candidates together after the second round of interviews.

Putting a process in place will help you to be more bias-free during your company’s interview process. Making a list of questions, taking notes, comparing candidates, justification and a second interview are essential to getting an interview standard in place.


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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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