Three Strategies For Winning That Big Promotion

Most of us have been in a situation where we’ve seen someone in our workplace get a promotion that we were hoping to earn. Maybe they have worked for the company for a less amount of time than you have, or possibly you feel that they aren’t as deserving of the promotion because you are better qualified for the job. Either way, you don’t think that they should have been awarded the promotion. How did they get noticed enough to receive the promotion? Here are some things that you can do to stand out and finally win that big promotion.


Don’t be the Lemming and Follow Your Peers

You won’t stand out in your job if you just follow the crowd. Performing at the same level of everyone around you will not cause you to be chosen for a promotion. Unfortunately, even if you are the best in your group, you may not have shown yourself as an outstanding individual. In order to get the promotion you desire, you will have to come up with ways to separate yourself from those around you and break away from following what your peers are doing. When those around you are constantly complaining about their jobs, separate yourself from that negativity and set your mind on productive efforts for your job. Adopt the mindset right now of being a leader in your company and do not fall into the pack of lemmings.


Find a Project to Take On

If you really want to stand out in your position, you should find a project that you can do that is outside of your assigned tasks. When you take initiative to do work that is not normally a part of your job, it will give a great impression on those in positions above you. This shows that you have the leadership qualities that will be vital to the company when they award you a big promotion.


Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

In order to have notice taken of you in your company, it is important that you step outside of your comfort zone. It is easy to get comfortable in your tasks and people you spend time with. Instead of doing the same things in your company that you have always done, it is time to make relationships with people you wouldn’t normally approach, and take on tasks that aren’t part of your wheel house. When you break free from the mold, those in leadership over you will see your abilities more clearly.

Just be sure to stay patient in the process and don’t get discouraged. If you always make yourself stand out by taking on new tasks and making new relationships with others, then when the opportunity for promotion comes along, you will be taken seriously.


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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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