Successful Daily Habits

Make it a habit to end every working day by doing these things:


Clear your desk. Never leave your desk messy. Put everything in a file or to-do folder and in a designated spot. You will start each day off on a positive note. This will also help to keep you organized and possibly prioritized. (You’ll get tired of seeing the things you haven’t finished in your to-do folder and finally do it to get it off your mind).


Reflect upon the day. Ask yourself some questions and evaluate yourself.

“Did I accomplish a goal today-and did I record it in my goals accomplished journal?”

“Did I spend my time wisely today?”

“Am I moving closer or farther away from my dreams and goals?”

“Would I do anything differently if I could do it over again?”


Plan for the next day. Transfer your tasks in your daily planner, make a prioritized list of to-do’s, list the goal(s) that must be accomplished, etc. By planning for the next day today, you will relieve stress and be prepared to be off to a fast start tomorrow.


Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates

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