The Benefits of Teleconferencing

Companies constantly look for new ways to attract the most talented candidates to hire for their open positions. One way to obtain and keep top talent team members is to embrace technology and encourage them to use it in their work.

Video conferencing is a popular and excellent communication option for your team. You’ll find this type of meeting is good for employee morale, a low cost way to meet and a welcome change to the traditional staff meeting.


Employee Morale

The younger generation believes in and trusts technology. Companies that embrace options such as teleconferencing often are able to build trust amongst their employees. By incorporating video conferencing, you’ll be able to increase the confidence your team has in upper management.

Further, your employees will see you as company that is willing to change, grow and improve their technology in order to advance their business and team.


Low Cost Way to Meet

Teleconferencing is an easy way to hold a meeting with a large group and not have to come up with a space to squeeze them all into. Technology allows video meetings which saves money because of travel, rented space, refreshments and lost time due to moments of lag before and after the meeting.

Your company can have a full meeting via a teleconference which is a great option and would appeal to a younger generation. They love flexibility and embrace technology quite willingly.


Mundane Meetings

Another reason that teleconferencing appeals to employees is that it switches up the typical, mundane staff meeting. Often upper management schedules meetings that, over time, their staff begins to dislike and even dread.

Employees don’t want to attend meetings that only elongate their to-do-lists. They don’t like unnecessary meetings that take up their valuable time where they could be getting more accomplished. Top talent craves efficiency and wants to use their time wisely.

Further, the younger generation wants to only pursue the tasks and goals that will make them feel successful. They do not like busy work and crave a sense of accomplishment.


If you want to challenge, grow and stimulate your team, welcome technology into your daily routine. You’ll find that morale will improve, you’ll potentially save money and teleconferencing will even help compliment the typical meeting environment.

Be sure to embrace technology and encourage your team to as well. You’ll see improved results and communication that will benefit your business.


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Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC.

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