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Managing Through Goal Setting

Unless you know what you want to achieve, there’s no way to measure how close you are to achieving that objective. Goals give you a standard against which to measure your progress. The goals you set for accomplishing the company’s/department’s mission must be in line with the vision and what your company wants you to… Read More »

The Demographic Shift, Part II

Managing a multi-generational workforce has been a hot topic for the last several years. There have been studies and analysis of both the perceptions and the realities of Baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials. In part one of this series, we took a look at the different generations that make up today’s workforce and the… Read More »

Is a Position at a Startup Right For You?

Many people dream of working for a startup company–and why not? There is something exciting about getting in on the ground floor at an organization where your ideas are heard and your expertise is appreciated. Not to mention the allure of being part of the next big thing like Facebook – whose IPO created up… Read More »