Avoid Absolutes and Empty Claims

Real salespeople don’t tell lies, so be careful about offering absolutes.   Although Toyota is one of my clients, I find it helpful to ask other audiences I address the following question: “How many of you have the number one Toyota dealership in the country, located right in your town?” Nearly all of the hands… Read More »

Leadership Advice From Chevron CEO, John Watson

Leadership advice is passed around, but it is often not well thought out or useful. It seems that there are so many resources, but they don’t seem to focus on servanthood in the leadership role. John Watson, the CEO of Chevron, recently shared some excellent tips when it comes to leadership. Watson shared that there… Read More »

Leaders Can Be Wrong And Still Be Right

People spend much of their time trying to be right and working to avoid being wrong at all costs. While this may be OK in some instances, leadership is not one of them. As early as our childhood, we learn that getting in trouble or doing things wrong is not acceptable. In business and leadership,… Read More »

Things To Remember About Planning

Vision Provides direction – a broad statement of end results.   Values Determine rightness of the direction for…   Decision Making Clearly defined values simplify decision making. The foundation for business today is provided through values and value-based decisions and behaviors. Business values define the beliefs, standards, and acceptable behaviors.   Mission Clearly states the… Read More »

Leaders Excel With These Different Leadership Styles

Drive, along with effective leadership, allows you to develop a strong robust team and grow your business. Make sure your decisions meet challenges head-on with these 6 effective leadership styles:   Action-Oriented This leadership style will feel very comfortable to high potentials on your team. “Getting the job done” is critical for action focus team… Read More »

Sound Intelligent, Powerful, Polished, Articulate and Confident

Do you want to sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate and confident?¬†Of course you do! Voice coach Carol Fleming, Ph.D. gave us some great insights based on her years of study and working with thousands of clients.   TO SOUND MORE INTELLIGENT: Speak just a bit slower to allow yourself to select your most appropriate vocabulary… Read More »

The Big Ask

Simply asking more of people helps them to rise up to any occasion. What if you could achieve more for your business just by asking more of your team? People are often flattered when asked to do something different or new. Asking the big and small questions, you will see your team and business enjoy… Read More »

Four Things To Avoid In Your Work Email

While some things are just understood and best left unspoken, there are times where email is forgotten in this model. Sure you don’t want to bash your boss when they can hear you or let a coworker hear you whine about the performance. However, are you careful with your email correspondence? Often, employees forget to… Read More »

Science Discovers Why Some People Are Motivated To Success While Others Aren’t

Why are some people motivated, focused, and successful, while others seem to get distracted, and have little to no motivation to get things done? Is it due to their upbringing? Maybe something about their personality? Believe it or not, science has made a discovery as to why some are motivated while others aren’t. Here’s what… Read More »