The Value of a Strategic Staffing Partnership

The American Staffing Association reports that 90 percent of clients of staffing firms believe the core benefits of a staffing partnership are the ability to ramp up staffing during busy seasons and retain core staff during less busy seasons.  While access to on-demand talent is important for reducing HR costs, those aren’t the only benefits of working with a staffing agency. When you take it one step further, and develop a partnership with a strategic staffing firm to help you with your long-term hiring needs, the benefits are exponential.

Here are some of the values associated with a strong strategic staffing partnership: 

  • Due Diligence – Internal HR and hiring teams simply do not have the time to devote to due diligence when it comes to screening applicants. Strategic staffing firms can create well-crafted job descriptions and postings that will ensure only the most qualified and suitable applicants apply. They also conduct assessments, pre-screens, and initial interviews that allow the strongest candidates to rise to the top, presenting you with choices that will reduce your hiring risk.
  • Cultivate a Pipeline – It is a mistake to wait until a position opens to begin the hiring process. Just as internal sales teams must nurture leads to keep their pipelines full, so must hiring managers. Poor planning and rushed decision making will lead to a bad hire. This is especially true in industries where skilled workers are hard to find, especially at a moment’s notice. Strategic staffing firms have perfected the candidate pipeline. They maintain ongoing relationships with top talent who are ready and willing to accept a new opportunity, eliminating the chances that your organization will be forced hire a “warm body.”
  • Niche Specialists – Strategic staffing firms focus their efforts in particular industries or niches, learning the specific nuances of that labor market. They understand the specific skills required for the roles that their clients need to fill.
  • They Know Your Company Culture – When you establish a partnership with a strategic staffing agency, your account manager will get to know your organization from the inside out, learning the aspects of your company culture that make you unique. This allows them to seek out candidates with the personalities, values, and soft skills to compliment your existing team.

If you are interested in forming a strategic staffing partnership to help with your software sales team needs, contact Strategic Search Solutions today.  We are a niche recruiting agency that focuses our efforts on the enterprise software vertical. We can help you locate attract, hire, and retain the right candidates to help drive sales. If you are looking to develop an outside team or inside team with the right type of industry experience to be successful, contact us today to learn more about our process.

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