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Managing Change

Facing change, a group divides into three factions – those for it, those against it and the fence sitters. Which group should you encourage? Answer: Spend your time with those who already favor it, says Ron Koroscil and Jack D’Urso of Pitney Bowes. Reason: In their manufacturing group, the pair encouraged and supported those who… Read More »

Creating and Retaining a Loyal Sales Team

Hiring and retaining top salespeople for your team is much easier said than done. An effective and results-oriented team is about more than hiring one big gun, it’s about locating a group of people whose strengths are complementary, and who enjoy working together towards a common goal, all while engaging in a bit of healthy… Read More »

The Value of a Strategic Staffing Partnership

The American Staffing Association reports that 90 percent of clients of staffing firms believe the core benefits of a staffing partnership are the ability to ramp up staffing during busy seasons and retain core staff during less busy seasons.  While access to on-demand talent is important for reducing HR costs, those aren’t the only benefits… Read More »