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Building a Talent Pipeline

Effective recruiting is not an event, it is an ongoing process. Unfortunately, most employers only think about recruiting when there is an open position to fill. Approaching recruiting in this way can leave you struggling to locate the most highly-qualified and talented candidates.  However, if you build a talent pipeline, it will shorten the recuing… Read More »

Do You Disregard Candidates With Too Many Jobs?

Job hopping is a term that carries negative connotations and is used to describe professionals who change jobs frequently. Many employers avoid these job hoppers when seeking to fill open sales positions, but hiring managers should not necessarily write off these candidates. If you look beyond the resume, there can be much more to a… Read More »

Is Industry Experience Key?

The goal of hiring new salespeople is always simple: to increase sales. However, making that happen is a lot more challenging. Hiring the wrong salespeople will eat at profits, damage customer relationships, and can lead to a bad reputation in the marketplace.  Your sales team is not merely responsible for building up your bottom line.… Read More »