Business Thoughts

Companies must offer more than money or prestige to retain high performing employees; they must offer an engaging job. Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons. Knowing other generations’ quirks can be the difference between your success and failure. Business coaching boosts profits by moving people to a higher level of… Read More »

Exceptional Leaders Provide Undivided Attention

All of us have been in another person’s office and had them timeshare while conversing with us. They are checking their email, reading or shuffling papers, or even answering the phone. What message is that person giving us by doing this?   Is effective communications really occurring? Exceptional Leaders give undivided attention to the person… Read More »

Companies Are Scrambling To Figure Out How To Retain Their Millennial Employees

Have you heard the rumor that companies are scrambling to figure out how to retain their millennial employees? Is there really truth to this claim, or is it just a misconception?   According to research data in an article posted on the website¬†Five Thirty Eight, young people are not leaving their jobs any more than… Read More »

Career Development Needs To Be A Top Priority!

Employers should make it a top priority in getting their employees the job training they need. All employees benefit from conferences, refresher courses, and other educational venues. This allows both the employer to have more competent employees and employees to have the confidence to do the job. Job training and career advancement programs will give… Read More »

7 Laws Of Customer Satisfaction

These ‘customer satisfaction’ laws will keep you ahead of your competition, says Ken Makovsky of Makovsky and Co.: 1. Treat the customers you have as though they’re prospects. 2. View customers as partners – members of your team. 3. Consider recruitment as serious business – and hire only the best. 4. Give your staff members… Read More »

Seven Steps For Creating A Culture Of Commitment And Accountability

1. Communicate to everyone that accountability and commitment are important! 2. Align every job description to your company’s strategy and goals for the coming year. Ask everyone to commit to a shared vision of results. 3. Make accountabilities clear for everyone by using the benchmark for their job to start a discussion about how their… Read More »

How To Increase Team Productivity

Employee goal setting increases employee productivity and profits because it builds a strong foundation of employees for business success. It gives an external focus that enhances performance culture and coordinated efforts among all employees. Ultimately, it helps to provide a competitive advantage! Employee goal setting tips: Set goals that will tie employees into the success… Read More »