Customer Service: Becoming An Excellent Service Provider

Successful service companies are committed from top management all the way through to the front line. They recognize quality service as an ongoing process that requires constant attention and care. Primarily, they all share: A strong vision – a strategy for service that is clearly developed and clearly communicated Visible management – setting examples of… Read More »

Help Young Talent Develop A Professional Mindset

Depending on how long you have been in business, it can seem that the talent is getting younger and younger every year. The generational gaps we experience are not just in social environments, but are truly felt in the workplace as well. So, how do we help these young professionals develop the right mindset that… Read More »

How To Deal With The Loss Of Expertise When Employees Leave

All companies go through turn over in the staff. Some employees are very knowledgeable about their job and bring a lot to the table. You will have to account for what the business will suffer in the event of losing them.   Dealing With the Lost Expertise or Knowledge When Employees Leave Do you have… Read More »

Powerful Body Language Tips For Success

It is true that body language makes up for at least half of our communication with others. Bearing that in mind, it is important to take control of the message you are sending with nonverbal cues. In order to be an effective leader, manager, owner, or entrepreneur, it is important that you send the right… Read More »

A Sports Model For Teamwork

If you are a manager, consider the following: Old-line hierarchical companies follow a football model of organization. Everyone lines up in a specific place under the direction of the quarterback. The quarterback is the only person responsible for seeing the whole field and determining strategy. Action stops in between plays, so the company has time… Read More »

Exceptional Leaders Encourage The Millennium Generation

The Millennium generation (25 and younger) can be a challenge and an opportunity. How do you deal with employees who operate quite differently than you? They are constantly in contact with their network of friends and colleagues through text messaging. They write in blogs about anything and everything. They use technology to self-organize into their… Read More »

Are Your Strategies Building A Successful Business?

In any company, it is important that you give your staff what they need in order to be successful. For your business to grow and improve, employees need to have a clear cut vision and direction of which way they need to go.   Project Management And Resource Coordination Challenges Do you have processes for… Read More »

Planning, Planning, Planning

If you don’t know where you are going, than any road will get you there! You must plan, execute, and measure. Who’s going to do the planning? Whether the plan is for your entire company or just one department; you must make sure to get input from multiple levels.¬†Get your entire team involved in developing… Read More »

Do You Need An Improved Business Design?

The tactics and plans that you put together to start your business will not work forever. As the company grows and dynamics change, you will need to re-evaluate. Improvements to your company can always be made and should remain a top priority if you plan to stay relevant in business.   Need For An Improved… Read More »

Ask the Coach: How to Stop Overcommitting Yourself

I Often Find Myself Overcommitted. What Can I Do Differently? ‘Overcommitted’ is an interesting term I hear often. Use of the term and your underlying assumptions may be a problem. The verb “commit” means “to obligate or pledge oneself”, so you may have pledged your time and energy too broadly. You are likely involved in… Read More »