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The Risks of Job Hopping for Sales Professionals

How Many Jobs Is Too Many?  People under the age of 30 change jobs, on average, every year and a half. Workers over 30 change jobs, on average, every three years. In the current economic climate where pensions are obsolete and downsizing can strike at any moment, it’s no surprise that workers switch jobs every… Read More »

The Value of a Strategic Staffing Partnership

The American Staffing Association reports that 90 percent of clients of staffing firms believe the core benefits of a staffing partnership are the ability to ramp up staffing during busy seasons and retain core staff during less busy seasons.  While access to on-demand talent is important for reducing HR costs, those aren’t the only benefits… Read More »

Diminish Your Hiring Risk

A bad hire is one of the most costly and time-consuming mistakes that a business can make. According to data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, a bad hire will cost 30 percent of that position’s five-year earnings.  For strategic positions like salespeople, the costs can climb to as much as five times the… Read More »

Strategic Search Solutions Launches New Website

Strategic Search Solutions, a niche provider of exceptional enterprise software sales talent to leading companies in Southern California and across the country, has launched a new website at Working with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY, the new site features prominent portals for job seekers looking for and enterprise software sales career and clients… Read More »