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Traits of Top Sales Talent

Your sales team can make or break your enterprise software sales company.  In order to survive and thrive you have to attract, recruit and retain the best and the brightest salespeople.  But just what are the qualities of exceptional sales talent? Here are some of the traits you should look for when trying to identify… Read More »

Women in the Sales Industry

Last summer, the team at LinkedIn conducted a workforce diversity data study that led to questions about the disproportionate number of women in certain industries and certain job roles. One of the areas they focused on was how the number of women in the sales industry has changed over the last decade – and the… Read More »

Five Reasons to Outsource Talent Acquisition

A company can only be successful when it has the right people in the right seats. However, the hiring process at most companies isn’t always as thorough as it should be. HR teams are spread thin, and it can be easy to cut corners during a job search. This unintentional neglect can lead to bad… Read More »

Creating and Retaining a Loyal Sales Team

Hiring and retaining top salespeople for your team is much easier said than done. An effective and results-oriented team is about more than hiring one big gun, it’s about locating a group of people whose strengths are complementary, and who enjoy working together towards a common goal, all while engaging in a bit of healthy… Read More »

Have Critical Information Before You Hire

Replacing employees or hiring for new positions can be a difficult task. Having the right people in your business make the difference between your company being successful and falling behind. When it is time to hire for a position within your company, you can feel confident in whom you choose to interview with these few… Read More »

The Benefits of Hiring Senior Sales Talent

A productive and effective sales team is critical to the success of enterprise software sales organizations. Unfortunately, however, sales is often the department with the highest turnover. To fill those openings, many hiring teams choose entry-level staff because inexperienced professionals don’t cost as much as experienced sales people. Most hiring managers know that entry-level salespeople… Read More »

Strategic Search Solutions Launches New Website

Strategic Search Solutions, a niche provider of exceptional enterprise software sales talent to leading companies in Southern California and across the country, has launched a new website at Working with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY, the new site features prominent portals for job seekers looking for and enterprise software sales career and clients… Read More »