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Do Women Have an Advantage in the Sales Industry?

Before we alienate the men in the audience, let’s be clear about one thing: there are women who are great at sales and women who are terrible at sales, just as there are superstars and dim bulbs among men.  Today, we are simply going to examine some of the advantages that women have in sales… Read More »

How to Prevent Your Candidate from Accepting a Counter Offer

After months and months of searching for the brightest new member of your sales team, you’ve finally found The One. You’ve extended the offer, and the candidate has given verbal acceptance. You can finally breathe! Suddenly, something changes.  Your phone rings. It’s your candidate. And you know from the tone of her voice that this… Read More »

Is Your Sales Team Suffering from Attrition?

Salespeople can be a demanding lot – they want to reap good financial rewards for their efforts. Like any other employee, however, they also want more than just a paycheck. They require recognition of their achievements, they want to see that management invests in their success, and they want to have strong leadership at the… Read More »

Why You Should Take a Recruiter’s Call (Even if You’re Gainfully Employed)

Nobody likes receiving an unsolicited phone call, it’s true.  It can be frustrating having to field multiple incoming calls and emails from recruiters, but if you’ve got skills that are in-demand, it might be worth it to take the time to hear what they have to say.  While you may be happily employed today, you… Read More »