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How To Develop Soft Skills

In our disconnected culture, it is no wonder that people have a hard time with soft skills. We are accustomed to quick texts and short emails. Those types of interactions do not lend themselves to soft skills. In general, we just want information and we want it now. No time to do small talk or… Read More »

Know Your Market Value

Thinking you know your market value and actually knowing your market value can be two very different propositions.  If you have too high of an opinion of your worth, you will quickly price yourself out of opportunities. If you have too low of an opinion, you’ll be selling yourself short. The good news is that… Read More »

How to Prevent Your Candidate from Accepting a Counter Offer

After months and months of searching for the brightest new member of your sales team, you’ve finally found The One. You’ve extended the offer, and the candidate has given verbal acceptance. You can finally breathe! Suddenly, something changes.  Your phone rings. It’s your candidate. And you know from the tone of her voice that this… Read More »

Uncover a Candidate’s Ethical Standards in an Interview

Ethics are extremely important in sales. Customers are conditioned to mistrust salespeople, and in some cases, it seems as though clients are just waiting for a chance to uncover an unscrupulous rep. Throughout the hiring process, it is essential to uncover as much as you can about a candidate’s ethical standards to ensure that you… Read More »