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Are Video Interviews The New Norm?

The interview process is extremely important as you look for top candidates. Technology continues to change the techniques we use to hire. These days, companies should consider video interviews which are becoming more and more prevalent in the business world. YouTube, Facebook and Skype are just a few examples of ways to hold a video… Read More »

Using Big Data and Analytics to Optimize Sales

At this point in time, everybody knows that big data is essential for improving the customer experience, but most companies don’t leverage that data to help optimize their sales forces. They make scads of data available to their teams, but they don’t put procedures or protocols in place that make the information work for the… Read More »

“Tell me About Yourself.” What an Interviewer Wants to Hear

One of the most dreaded questions in the interview process is often the first question that many hiring managers ask.  Interviewers like to lead off by saying, “Tell me about yourself.” This open-ended question is often extremely difficult for candidates to answer, but hiring managers use it to see how interviewees handle themselves in unstructured… Read More »

Taking Steps to Improve Crisis Management

It’s important to have a well thought out and rehearsed plan of action in place in order to properly and efficiently manage a crisis situation. It is common place for a crisis to occur without warning. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the different types of crisis that may happen within or to your company.… Read More »

Is Your Sales Team Suffering from Attrition?

Salespeople can be a demanding lot – they want to reap good financial rewards for their efforts. Like any other employee, however, they also want more than just a paycheck. They require recognition of their achievements, they want to see that management invests in their success, and they want to have strong leadership at the… Read More »