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The Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

There are a great number of people entering the workforce that lack soft skills. These necessary skills are lacking in many people that are just graduating college and taking on professional jobs. Why is this a problem and what can we as employers do about it? What Are The Soft Skills That Employees Lack? Soft… Read More »

No Negative You

When you think about it, it’s obvious: negative is the opposite of positive, so in order to instill a positive mindset, you need to get rid of negative thoughts. Sounds simple enough, right? The process is an easy one, but it takes practice to make it stick. The first step in clearing negativity from your… Read More »

Manage Effectively And Lead Decisively

Being a manager is a major responsibility. The success of your business is largely due to the way you lead your staff. Employees that are not guided well cannot be as efficient as needed. As a leader in the company, here are some things you are charged with. Be a Confident Decision Maker Making decisions… Read More »

How Can I Improve My Memory?

Our memory is very precious to us as it is a window to the events that have taken place in our lives. It can be frustrating though when you remember something that occurred 20 years ago but can’t remember what you need to pick up at the store this afternoon. Many people wish that they… Read More »

Engagement And Culture Are Top Issues This Year

As the job turnover rate increases, HR departments have to turn their focus to what the core issues are. Employees that are unhappy with their jobs either find a new job or underperform. Either way, it makes for a difficult situation with business owners. For that reason, focusing on engagement needs to be a high… Read More »

Branding Yourself Mid-Career

If you’ve been selling at the same company for a long period of time, you may be longing to make a change. However, making a big shift in the middle of your career can be a challenge. You have to fight against fresh, young talent who may command lower compensation; or you may have to… Read More »

What an Interviewer Wants to Hear in Your Elevator Pitch

Successful salespeople know the importance of brevity. They understand that in the field they have a very short period of time to make a lasting impression on their prospects. However, those same salespeople often fumble in job interviews when they must give an overview of themselves to the hiring manager. Interviewers want to see strong… Read More »

Are Teams Really Effective?

One of the most common examples of team effectiveness can be seen on a cool day in the fall.  As you look up into the sky, you can see a flock of geese embarking on their southern sojourn.  The “V” formation that they fly in as a group actually benefits each individual bird.  As each… Read More »

Have Critical Information Before You Hire

Replacing employees or hiring for new positions can be a difficult task. Having the right people in your business make the difference between your company being successful and falling behind. When it is time to hire for a position within your company, you can feel confident in whom you choose to interview with these few… Read More »

Things You Should Never Do When Leaving a Job

Even when you’ve mentally prepared yourself to leave a job, it can be difficult to make the change. Whether you’re sad to go, or you’re counting down the hours until you can rid yourself of your employer for good, there are several things you should avoid doing at all costs. One: Don’t Say What’s On… Read More »