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How To Increase Team Productivity

Employee goal setting increases employee productivity and profits because it builds a strong foundation of employees for business success. It gives an external focus that enhances performance culture and coordinated efforts among all employees. Ultimately, it helps to provide a competitive advantage! Employee goal setting tips: Set goals that will tie employees into the success… Read More »

Exceptional Leaders Play ‘Aim’ Game, Not ‘Blame’ Game

Fault finding is easy. All of us can have negative assessments of what should or should not have been done. Looking at the past and blaming others, however, is not as productive as looking at the future. No one can change the past. Exceptional Leaders use a “lessons learned” approach and play the “aim game”… Read More »

Time Management Strategies

In order for organizations to be successful, time needs to be managed properly. When schedules are run properly, more work can be accomplished in a day. The faster the work is done, the more a business can increase their revenue.   Lead From the Front Leaders are the forerunners for change in the business place.… Read More »

The Importance of Company Reputation

Many business leaders think if they just post a job opening for their company, talented candidates will start beating down their door. Yes, a good number of people will apply for the positions, but are these individuals’ top performers?   Did you know that your company’s reputation has a lot to do with the type… Read More »

Five Tips For Creating An Inspiring Work Place

1. Find out what your boss or your colleagues need for them to be great at their job. Help them get it. 2. Decide what you need to be great at your job. Ask for it! 3. Find ways to bring out the best in others every day. 4. Leverage your talents by understanding what… Read More »

Using Social Media to Increase Your Business

Whether you are a social media person or not, it is important that you understand this beast for the sake of your business. Many people have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts. If you do not have a presence on these outlets, then you are missing out on great opportunities.   What You Post… Read More »

Who’s Fighting for your Employees Attention?

It should be no surprise to you that your employees can get easily distracted. A whole host of things can come in and wreck productivity if you are not watching out for it. In today’s information age, there are many distractions that are begging for your attention.   Company Time Matters Spending your time poorly… Read More »

Exceptional Leaders are Personally Productive

A survey by the Houston Business Journal revealed that 59% of the respondents want to improve their time management and productivity. Leadership is a demanding endeavor which requires focused sustained energy and personal efficiency. Exceptional leaders know that they must be efficient in their personal work and utilize their time effectively to be successful.  … Read More »

Twitter Stats – Should You Tweet?

– Number of people that use Twitter – 316 million monthly active users – Daily Active Twitter users – 100 million – Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday – 135,000 – Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month 190 million – Average number of tweets per day – 58 million – Number… Read More »

Talent Mobility And Career Management Strategies Are Necessary To Compete

Many companies of today have a high turnover rate. There are a lot of reasons that employees choose to not stick with companies like they once did. This trend costs businesses a lot of time and money.   Why is it Beneficial to Keep the Same Employees? There are many reasons that it is beneficial… Read More »